Lorna’s Rubis becomes first free ‘electric car service’ in Cayman

Representives from Lorna's Rubis station, Island Heritage, Royal Bank of Canada and Cayman Automative at the new electric charging station in Bodden Town. -PHOTO: JEWEL LEVY

Lorna’s Rubis station in Bodden Town has become the first gas station in the Cayman Islands to provide free “electric car service” to customers.

The charging station offers drivers the ability to plug in on the go. “We only ask customers to limit charging time to an hour,” said John Felder, president of Cayman Automotive, a distributor of electric cars on Cayman.

Tiffany Rankin, Royal Bank of Canada auto finance specialist, checks out an electric car.

Another charging station will be located at Kaibo Beach Restaurant and Marine, and there are future plans to have charging stations in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, Mr. Felder said.

On Thursday morning last week, Mr. Felder, along with Lorna’s station owner Osbourne Bodden, his son Alexis and Umar Michla, managing director of Royal Imperial U.K. and overseas distributor of Tesla electric cars, highlighted the station features.

Mr. Felder applauded the Bodden family for becoming the first service station in the Caribbean to offer the service and Cayman for continuing to be the leader in a greener technology.

Osbourne Bodden said he felt he and his business were doing their small part to bring about a greener Cayman by offering the free charging service to the community.

Representatives open the electric charging station at Lorna’s Rubis station in Bodden Town. - PHOTOs: JEWEL LEVY
Representatives open the electric charging station at Lorna’s Rubis station in Bodden Town. – PHOTOs: JEWEL LEVY

Alexis Bodden said, “Having green technology at the forefront of a national agenda, we thought it a good idea to jump on board. We spoke to parent company Rubis, they did not have a problem with it and the hookup of cars was possible.

Royal Bank of Canada, along with Island Heritage, partnered with Cayman Automotive on the electric car initiative.

“The bank is very excited to be in partnership with John and to help sell electric cars, such as the Tesla, and all the other electric vehicles in Cayman,” said Tiffany Rankin, an auto finance specialist at Royal Bank of Canada.

According to Mr. Felder, as technology improves, the price of electric cars will continually go down.

An electric vehicle charging point or charging station supplies electric energy that is able to charge a pure electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. Electric cars come with a charging cable for connection to a standard plug socket.

Stations are strategically placed to minimize stops during long-distance travel and are located near restaurants, shopping centers and other hot spots, Mr. Felder said.

Including Lorna’s Rubis, Cayman has 10 charging stations, from East End’s Wyndham Hotel to West Bay’s Cayman Motor Museum.

The first charging station opened in Camana Bay, with others at Hurley’s and Governors Square.

Mr. Felder says ultimately Grand Cayman will have 17 stations, including locations at all Foster’s and Kirk’s supermarkets.


  1. This is very good of them. But I can’t see motorists wanting to leave their cars for an hour at a gas station while it charges up.
    Nor can I see this as a cost effective use of their forecourt space.

    It seems to me that in a small place like the Cayman Islands it is more sensible to charge overnight at home. But what if you live in a condo or apartment building?
    Until there are charging points where people need them, at home, it will be hard for electric cars to take off here as they should.

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