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Local capital markets in the Caribbean: Challenges and opportunities

Written by Marla Dukharan; Research fund by CFA Institute With a population that reached roughly 60,000 pre-pandemic, about half of whom are non-resident/expatriate, the Cayman...

Bank launches kindness campaign

Royal Bank of Canada has launched Caribbean Acts of Kindness – a campaign designed to highlight everyday efforts to help individuals and communities navigate through the coronavirus pandemic.

Canadian tax probe gets CNB accounts

Court orders issued last week sought to obtain seven years’ worth of Canadian account-holders’ Cayman Islands correspondent bank records in what Canadian authorities said was an ongoing investigation into tax evasion.

Lorna’s Rubis becomes first free ‘electric car service’ in Cayman

Lorna’s Rubis station in Bodden Town has become the first gas station in the Cayman Islands to provide free “electric car service” to customers.
IMF growth forecast

Economy is ‘uncertain, uneven and underwhelming’

Craig Wright, chief economist at Royal Bank of Canada, admits he is slightly more optimistic than the consensus in his economic outlook. Yet he acknowledges that the economic recovery is “uncertain, uneven and underwhelming.”

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