Mangoes right around the corner

Long mangoes are a favorite of locals.
Long mangoes are a favorite of locals.

Known as the sweetest of Cayman’s tropical fruits, the mango is probably the best loved fruit on the islands.

Many varieties of mangoes can be found, including the Carrie, Dot, East Indian, Edward, Glen, Haden Julie, Keitt, Kent Lemon Meringue, Nam Doc, Zill and local long or round mangoes.

Of the many types of mango trees in Kem Jackson’s yard in West Bay, the long mango tree has already yielded fruit this year.

“I think it’s because it is constantly getting water from a spill-off from my reverse osmosis system, which produces 50 gallons of water an hour,” he said.

Mangoes usually blossom in November and December with harvest time in June and July.

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