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$3 million for farmers impacted by TS Grace

Government has allocated $3 million dollars in relief support for commercial farmers impacted by the recent passage of Tropical Storm Grace.

EDITORIAL – The A’s, B’s, and C’s of the world’s disappearing honeybees

Cayman should be cautious whenever we start tinkering with complex ecosystems. When it comes to Nature, “In God We Trust” might be a reasonable motto. No doubt, God knows what He’s doing – but it’s not at all certain that man does.

EDITORIAL – A chance to plant, take root and grow

Recent years have yielded bumper crops of venues for locally grown produce. Now Andre Gooden and Jesse Basdeo, of Charlito’s Greenhouse farm, are taking the movement one step further by offering free garden plots to anyone who wishes to learn how to farm.

Cayman prepares for 51st Agriculture Show

Exhibitors are lining up, farmers are grooming prize bulls, and the Department of Agriculture is getting its plants and trees ready for the 2018 Agriculture Show, which gets under way on Ash Wednesday.

Hamlin Stephenson named Farmer of Year by Agricultural Society

Hamlin Stephenson, a member of the Cayman Islands Agricultural Society and owner of Hamlin’s Farm, was named Farmer of the Year 2017 at a ceremony Saturday night.

Young farmer offers up fresh veggies

Need some fresh tomatoes, peppers, eggs and other down-on-the-farm healthy foods? Stop by and see Josh Clark and pick up a basket full of “Far Side” straight-from-the-field produce.

Farmers visit research center

Farmers and government representatives toured the operations of the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute this week as the organization celebrated its 42nd anniversary.
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Flam: Farmers have tech; weeds have evolution

Some 12,000 years ago, with the invention of farming, humans started a war against weeds – and the weeds are still a step ahead.

Agriculture officials tour premier’s farm

Premier Alden McLaughlin gives officials attending a regional agriculture conference a tour of his farm and others in East End Tuesday. Pictured with the premier, right, are Ambassador Irwin LaRocque, secretary-general and chief executive officer of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), left, and Ansari Hosein of the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute.

Utilities law written without advice of utility companies

Legal drafters penning an 82-page law to create a unified regulatory office for Cayman’s utility providers did not solicit opinions from the half-dozen affected companies, instead they only consulted their controlling agencies.

Minister answers utility regulation concerns

In an eight-page response to Cayman Water Company CEO Rick McTaggart, government has sought to counter calls to withdraw and rewrite proposed legislation creating a single office regulating Cayman’s utility companies.

Cayman Water calls for utility law rewrite

Cayman Water has asked government to withdraw and rewrite a proposed bill investing a new utilities regulation office with broad unilateral powers to control the firm’s activities. The company says it was not consulted on the bill.

Agriculture bulldozer available for land clearing

A land-clearing bulldozer service offered by the Department of Agriculture that was suspended last year when the bulldozer operator retired is now running again. The service, which had been offered by government for more than 20 years, is again under way after a new operator was hired, the department said in a press release this week.

Utility chiefs cautious on new regulations

Utility chiefs have reacted cautiously to Monday’s publication of a draft law creating a unified commission to oversee water, electricity, telephone and fuel providers, while dissolving separate regulatory bodies previously responsible for each industry.

New arrivals

Farmer finds joy in raising chickens

From the time he was a little boy, East End resident Edwin Fisher liked animals.

Farmer recalls early days of agriculture

Farming is not for everyone, but for one East End farmer, it’s been his entire life.

Mangoes right around the corner

Known as the sweetest of Cayman’s tropical fruits, the mango is probably the best loved fruit on the islands.

Potato rewards back-to-the-land dream

A North Side farmer is still awestruck after digging up a 26-pound sweet potato from a rugged piece of farmland some weeks ago.

Agriculture in the spotlight

Officials from St. Kitts and Nevis recently accompanied a number of local agriculture officials on a tour of farms in the Bodden Town area.

Agriculture show draws big crowds

Fine weather and a strong turnout made for an action-packed and successful Brac Agriculture show last weekend.

Property Perspective: Interest in high-end homes finally on the rise

As recently as October 2015 I wrote how I saw the $2 million-plus area of the residential homes market as remaining a difficult one for buyers to sell their properties in the short term.

Thousands attend annual Agriculture Show

From the moment the gates opened at the Stacy Watler Agriculture Pavilion in Lower Valley on Wednesday, the produce market was abuzz as shoppers stocked up on fresh fruits and vegetables.

It’s showtime for Cayman agriculture

The 49th Annual Agriculture Show will kick off early Wednesday morning at the Stacy Watler Agriculture Pavilion in Lower Valley.


A district family celebration

Members of West Bay’s Ebanks family were among the district’s honorees at the 2016 Heroes Day ceremony recognizing achievement in agriculture. The family made sure the moment was an affair to remember.

Farm-fresh produce

On a 7-acre stretch in West Bay, a variety of trees, fruits and vegetables are grown by local farmer Tony Powell.

The Ag Show

Heroes Day honors pioneers of agriculture

More than 300 pioneers of agriculture in the Cayman Islands were honored at the Heroes Day celebrations on Monday.

Sister Islands wins recognition

The Sister Islands featured prominently in the awards recognizing agricultural achievement handed out at the National Heroes Day ceremony on Monday.
Governor Helen Kilpatrick inspects the Guard of Honour.

Dr. Roy named as new national hero

Cayman’s newest national hero is the late Dr. Roy Edison McTaggart, a pioneering politician, businessman, dentist and philanthropist. Premier Alden McLaughlin made the announcement at...

National Heroes Day: Government to announce new national hero

More than 320 awardees to be recognized The government is expected to announce a new national hero at next week’s National Heroes Day, at which...

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