Farm-fresh produce

West Bay farmer Tony Powell shows off a pumpkin. - Photo: Matt Lamers

On a 7-acre stretch in West Bay, a variety of trees, fruits and vegetables are grown by local farmer Tony Powell.

Thriving in the rich loam soil, trees from naseberry to plopnut can be seen flourishing about the plot.

The texture of the soil, and its knack for water retention is what helps Mr. Powell successfully produce a wide array of produce including sugar cane, coconut, cassava, pumpkins, and fruits such as plums, mangoes, bananas, avocados, sweetsops and plantains.

The farm also hosts bobwood trees, which were once used for corks, and turtle necks, used for turtling back in Cayman’s early days. Bordering the farm are several mahogany trees, the wood of which is traditionally used for furniture and boat building, along with sturdy logwood trees. Also known as bloodwood trees, they were used by early Caymanians as sturdy living fences for their yards.

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