Discovery Day holiday keeps marine rescue crews hopping

Three water rescues on the Discovery Day holiday – one which involved a drunken man who leaped into the water from a moving vessel on five separate occasions – kept police marine officers busy Monday.

The Joint Marine Unit responded after dark Monday to a report that a “highly intoxicated” 25-year-old man jumped from a boat traveling in the Rum Point area, off the coast of Grand Cayman’s North Side.

It was the fifth time he had jumped out of the boat and he could not be located, police were told. About two hours later, the man reported via a VHF radio that he had managed to swim to another watercraft anchored in the area.

In addition to that rescue attempt, the police helicopter and marine units responded Monday to reports of a paddleboarder in distress and to rescue a vessel with six people on board that had broken down near Starfish Point in North Side.

RCIPS Chief Inspector Brad Ebanks said that while no one was injured in any of these incidents, each one required the use of police resources and personnel.

“The irresponsible behavior that prompted the response near Rum Point on Monday is something we see far too regularly,” Mr. Ebanks said, referring to the drunken man leaping into the sea and becoming lost.

“It demonstrates the complete lack of consideration, not only for one’s personal safety, but also for how personal actions affect the provision of emergency services to the community. There are simply not enough resources to address the self-created problems on the water at the same time as the genuine emergencies that are bound to happen.

“The sea can be very unforgiving, and people need to be more responsible for their own safety when out at sea,” he added.


  1. I said this before and I will say it again, the Cayman Islands Government needs to make drastic laws to boat ownership in the Cayman Islands.
    Who in their right mind operating a boat would allow one to jump of a moving vessel 5 times . I think that the captain of the boat and the irresponsible jumper and all other passengers on board that boat should have been all arrested .
    Because this kind of irresponsible behavior will continue until the next time when it would be a death .
    I think that people should learn to be more responsible for their actions , and have respect for the search and rescue.
    We have to remember that ocean / water is no place to be playing around stupidly.

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