EDITORIAL – A three-day weekend for freedom (with restraint)

As lovers of liberty, we regard the upcoming three-day holiday weekend in almost reverential fashion.

Today, July 1, is Canada’s Constitution Day, marking the unification of Canada into a single federation in 1867.

Monday, July 4, is American Independence Day, in recognition of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence from British rule in 1776. (Time will tell if the U.K. ever decides to institute a similar holiday around this time of year, in celebration of the recent Brexit vote from the European Union.)

July 4 also happens to be the first Monday in July, making it Cayman Islands Constitution Day, to mark the effective date of our territory’s first written constitution in 1959. That’s why Monday is a public holiday for local banks and most employers.

And although we, as we said above, cherish our national and personal freedoms — the proper exercise of those freedoms is indivisible from certain duties, responsibilities and, yes, old-fashioned common sense.

With that in mind, we urge residents and visitors to take special care of themselves, their loved ones and their neighbors — particularly when water activities, automobiles, alcohol or fireworks are involved.

By taking proper precautions and planning ahead, let’s ensure the celebrations this weekend are purely joyful ones.

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