Cuban migrant charged with assault seeks asylum

A Cuban migrant charged with assaulting a security guard has applied for asylum, Magistrate Valdis Foldats was told on Tuesday.

Darvis Manuel Ramos Mendoza, 37, appeared in Summary Court and received papers detailing the case against him.

Last week, when Mendoza was brought to court for the first time, the magistrate had asked his status on the island and how long he was likely to remain.

This week, Crown counsel Candia James advised that the defendant had an application for asylum. She was not able to say how long it would take for the application to be dealt with.

She noted that the papers given to the defendant were in English. Through an interpreter, Mendoza confirmed that he could not read English. Mendoza said he wanted to go through the papers before entering his pleas.

The magistrate set the matter for July 12.


As previously reported, Mendoza is charged with assaulting a guard on June 25 at the  Bodden Town Civic Centre. A second charge alleges that on the same date he held a knife with a five-inch blade to the guard’s neck, causing him harassment, alarm or distress.

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