Cuban migrants land in East End

Seven migrants from Cuba stopped in East End before continuing on their journey Friday.

Five boats carrying Cuban migrants have passed through Cayman waters this week, according to the Immigration Department, including seven men who landed in East End Friday morning.

The seven men, met by local authorities, left the island around noon to continue to sail towards Central America, the department said in a press release Friday.

The Immigration Department says 71 migrants from Cuba have passed through Cayman’s waters over the past week. Migrants leaving Cuba will pass by the Cayman Islands when they sail southwest, likely to land in Central America and take the land route through Mexico to reach the United States.

Immigration officials say 26 Cubans decided to stop their journey in Cayman. Cuban migrants who disembark are detained by the Immigration Department until they can be repatriated.

The department said Friday that there are currently 84 detainees in Immigration custody.


  1. I wonder why Cayman Immigration has two different policy on Cuban refugees .

    1 you’re not supposed to help them to prolong their journey
    2 if they refuse to continue Immigration keep them and house them .

    Why not have one policy , you reach our shores we return you back to your land of origin ASAP. I think that this one policy would discourage the people from venturing their lives to come through Cayman.
    If Cayman really wants to help the Cuban refugees , why don’t they have a real refugees program with Cuba for those who want to leave Cuba and come to Cayman and fly them over and give them a work permit .

    I think that this would be a good humanely way to treat the refugees . What these people have to go through is heart breaking , watching your friend or son or daughter die in front of you is heart breaking and can never be forgotten. There are so many of these refugees that has gone and no one knows how they went or never heard from again .

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