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CBC searches for missing Cuban migrants

Customs and Border Control is searching for four Cuban nationals who have gone missing in Cayman.

Update: Cuban standoff: Baby running fever, says mom

The 1-year-old baby caught in the middle of the standoff between Customs and Border Control and 12 Cubans has a fever and is not feeling well, her mother Erica Alvarez-Freites has confirmed.

Cubans: ‘We do not want to go back to Cayman’

The Cayman Islands Coast Guard is escorting a Panamanian cargo ship carrying a group of Cuban migrants, who left Cayman over the weekend, to the George Town Harbour this morning.

Cubans, CBC locked in standoff at sea

Customs and Border Control officers are currently locked in a standoff with a group of Cuban migrants aboard a cargo ship anchored off the George Town harbour.

Cuban migrants land on Cayman Brac

Six Cuban migrants who landed on Cayman Brac Friday afternoon will be placed in mandatory quarantine, Customs and Border Control has said.

Cuban migrants placed in quarantine

A dozen Cuban migrants were taken into custody after landing in Little Cayman over the weekend. 

Media report: Missing Cubans found in Mexico

The 14 Cubans who disappeared from the Cayman Islands earlier this week have been found in Mexico, according a media report from Cancun.

Border Control loses track of 14 Cuban migrants

The Customs and Border Control Service is trying to trace 14 Cuban migrants after the electronic monitoring devices they were wearing lost connection on Monday.

Cuban protesters, baby released from police custody

Three Cuban protestors and a baby were taken into custody by police on Wednesday while demonstrating outside the Government Administration Building over ongoing denial of refugees’ marriage rights in the Cayman Islands.

Cuban migrants arrive on Cayman Brac

Thirty-one Cuban migrants landed in Cayman Brac on Friday, 13 Dec.

Two migrants granted asylum after appeal

Two migrants – one a Cuban man, the other an unidentified woman – have been granted asylum in the Cayman Islands after initially being denied.

Detained Cubans announce second hunger strike in year

Seven Cuban men and one woman held at the Immigration Detention Centre are launching a hunger strike in protest of how government is handling their asylum applications, according to a Cuban migrant familiar with the situation.

After breakdown, Cuban vessel drifts from Brac to Little Cayman

Twenty-six Cuban migrants are being held on Cayman Brac after their boat broke down and landed in Little Cayman last week.

Cuban migrant wires mouth shut

A Cuban man who landed Friday with 10 other migrants in Cayman Brac has reportedly wired his own mouth shut.

Vessel carrying 11 Cuban migrants lands in the Brac

The Immigration Department announced on Friday that 11 Cuban migrants are in the care of its Cayman Brac officers after being spotted near the Brac around 10 a.m. that morning.

Filthy conditions discovered at immigrant center

Rotten food with maggot infestation, dirty and stopped-up toilets, moldy or damaged showers and inadequate fire prevention systems were found during an inspection of the Immigration Detention Centre in George Town last week by members of the Human Rights Commission.

3 Cuban migrants released from detention center

Three Cuban migrants were released from the Immigration Detention Centre on Friday, and will be allowed to live in the Cayman community while their applications for asylum are being processed.

Immigration reviewing detention of Cuban migrants

The Department of Immigration is “reviewing alternatives” to keeping the 13 asylum-seeking Cuban migrants detained at the Immigration Detention Centre while their asylum applications are being processed, the department stated on Wednesday.

Cuban migrants step up appeals, despite barriers

A Cuban asylum seeker detained in George Town for more than a year will take his case to the Grand Court, contesting what he believes to be a legally flawed rejection of refugee status by the Immigration Appeals Tribunal.

Cuban migrants wreck boat, land on Brac

A small group of Cuban migrants came ashore Monday in Cayman Brac after their vessel crashed and was destroyed, Immigration Department officials reported.

Government earnings increase with land sales, imports

Higher-than-expected earnings related to land transfers and vehicle/petrol imports boosted the Cayman Islands government’s earnings during the budget period that will end Dec. 31, Finance Minister Roy McTaggart said Friday.

EDITORIAL – Cuban migration: Cayman’s conundrum

At its most basic, Cayman’s Cuban migrant problem is this: Our tiny territory does not have the resources, population or infrastructure to accommodate hundreds of political refugees.

2 Cuban migrants rescued from sea; 29 others swim to shore

Two Cuban migrants were rescued by Joint Marine Unit officers while clinging to a channel marker after their vessel ran aground near Morritt's Tortuga Club Thursday evening.

Asylum seeker detentions pose legal questions

An influx of asylum applications is putting pressure on the Cayman Islands Department of Immigration to address gaps in staff training and shorten migrant detention times.

Government hit with $24 million in unexpected added costs

The Cayman Islands government was required to spend an extra $24 million in largely unanticipated, supplementary costs over the past two fiscal years.The expenses were detailed by Finance Minister Marco Archer in a statement to the Legislative Assembly Friday.

Migrant detainees allege intentional processing delays

Cuban migrants at the George Town Immigration Detention Centre allege asylum applicants have been held in detention indefinitely as a tactic to force self-requested deportation. Victor Maikel Merladet Leon said he has been in detention for two months.

Cuban migrants deported to Havana

Twenty Cuban migrants were repatriated from Owen Roberts International Airport to Havana, Cuba, on Tuesday in a joint effort between the Department of Immigration and the prison service.

Cubans request legal counsel

A Cuban migrant detained in George Town made a plea for asylum Monday that he hoped would reach the Cayman Islands Governor’s Office. An officer confirmed that 71 Cubans are currently being held in the facility, used to detain migrants who make unauthorized landfall in the Cayman Islands.

Cuban migrants cost extra $2.9M to house

The Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly will be asked later this month to formally approve an additional $2.9 million for the housing, care, feeding and repatriation of Cuban migrants who illegally entered and stayed in the territory between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016.

Cuban detainees renovate immigration detention center

Cuban migrants are helping to renovate the immigration detention center and building a new checkpoint and walkway at the neighboring women’s prison. Prison Director Neil Lavis said some of the migrants are skilled tradespeople and had volunteered to assist with the much-needed upgrades.

85 Cubans held in Cayman

Eighty-five Cubans are currently being held in detention in the Cayman Islands, including 34 who landed in Cayman Brac over the Christmas holiday weekend.

Cubans rescued after running aground on Little Cayman reef

A group of Cuban migrants ran aground on a reef off the eastern end of Little Cayman on Tuesday. According to police in the Sister Islands, the group was able to get the attention of a resident near Point of Sand, and several people in the area took boats out to rescue the 22 migrants off the reef Tuesday evening.

More than 80 Cuban migrants housed in Cayman

Eighty-two Cuban migrants are now being housed at various locations on Grand Cayman.

11 Cuban migrants land in Cayman islands

Eleven Cuban migrants who landed in the Cayman Islands over the past week and a half are being held in Immigration custody.

Six Cubans repatriated

The Cayman Islands Department of Immigration repatriated six Cuban migrants, three males and three females to Havana, Cuba, on Monday, according to a government statement.

Cuban migrants land in East End

Five boats carrying Cuban migrants have passed through Cayman waters this week, according to the Immigration Department, including seven men who landed in East End Friday morning.

Cuban boat runs aground on Brac

Immigration officials say a boat carrying nine Cuban migrants ran aground on rocks along the west side of the Brac.

Cuban migrants repatriated

The Department of Immigration repatriated 43 Cuban migrants to Havana, Cuba, over the past two weeks, officials said this week.

Sexual assault alleged at migrant center

The Human Rights Commission alleges that Cuban migrants have been subject to exploitation and sexual assault while awaiting repatriation in Cayman detention centers.

Police use pepper spray on Cuban migrant

One Cuban migrant was hospitalized and several others reported being sickened after they inhaled pepper spray that was used by police to help quell a disturbance at Bodden Town’s community center Tuesday.

Government spends $5.3M on migrants

The amount the Cayman Islands government spends for the detainment, care, housing and repatriation of illegal migrants has increased from an estimated $270,000 in the 2013/14 budget year to $3.6 million this year.

Cuban boat remains in South Sound

The wreck of a makeshift Cuban watercraft that was beached in South Sound on May 6 remained there Wednesday, after officials had pledged to remove it.

EDITORIAL – Return to sender: Cayman’s policy on Cuban migrants

The photograph of the Cuban boat on the front page of Tuesday’s newspaper is an image of a dream deferred.

Cuban migrants overflow detention center

Cayman Islands Immigration Department officials have a total of 116 Cuban migrants in custody at various locations, with a little less than half now being kept at various community centers on Grand Cayman.

Cuban boat beaches in South Sound

A rickety boat with Cubans seeking to eventually go to the United States beached in South Sound near Walkers Road. Immigration officers said Friday that a boat carrying 43 migrants had washed up in Grand Cayman after experiencing technical difficulties.

More Cubans pass through Cayman Brac

The second boatload of Cuban migrants in the past week was spotted Friday in Cayman Brac and were allowed to continue with their journey.

Boatload of Cubans lands in Brac

Some 21 Cubans landed in Cayman Brac on Sunday and were taken into custody by authorities prior to their pending transfer to Grand Cayman.

12 Cuban migrants repatriated

A dozen Cuban migrants were repatriated from the Cayman Islands to Havana last week.

13 Cuba migrants who landed on Little Cayman now in custody

Immigration authorities announced Thursday they had taken into custody a new group of Cuban migrants on Saturday, sending nine men and four women to the Fairbanks detention facility.

Cubans out of community centers, immigration officials confirm

An acute overcrowding situation involving dozens of Cuban migrants who were forced to temporarily live in various community centers on Grand Cayman has subsided, at least for the time being, Immigration Department officials confirmed Wednesday.

Security concerns persist amid recent Cuban migrant influx

Cuban migrants arriving on Cayman’s shores in the highest numbers experienced in the past decade are creating a security headache for immigration enforcement officials.

How should Cayman handle Cuban migrants?

As of Monday, Feb. 15, Cayman was sheltering in the Fairbank’s detention center 134 Cuban migrants.

Two Cuban migrants found 17 days after landing

Immigration authorities arrested two Cuban migrants Tuesday, 17 days after they landed at Beach Bay with about two dozen others.

EDITORIAL – Cuba in Cayman’s backyard

While we subscribe to the basic economic principle that a rising tide lifts all boats — and generally, remain optimistic that a thriving Cuba will strengthen the Caribbean region as a whole — we find it difficult to shake concerns about the possibility of the Cayman Islands getting soaked.

Detention center

The cost of Cuban migrants

It is irritating to think that Mr. and Mrs. John Public will soon have spent $1 million looking after Cuban migrants.


Cubans crowd overflow detention centers

Community centers across the eastern districts are being used as overspill facilities to house Cuban migrants because of the sheer numbers arriving on Cayman’s shores.

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