11 Cuban migrants land in Cayman islands

Eleven Cuban migrants who landed in the Cayman Islands over the past week and a half are being held in Immigration custody.

The first two migrants arrived on Aug. 17 in Grand Cayman. On Aug. 24 a makeshift vessel carrying 33 migrants arrived in Cayman Brac. Nine from this group decided not to continue the journey and are awaiting transfer to Grand Cayman.

Within the past week, three flights to Havana, Cuba, have repatriated 16 migrants.

Seventy-three Cuban migrants are currently in Immigration custody.


  1. Has anyone been taking a good look at the refugee and detention center for Cuban refugees. Why refugees are just appearing every month with no end in sight. My suggestion is that checks and balances need to be seriously looked into their vacation stay here. “Parable” It may be more than we know, and the ball could be rolling much further on illegal immigrants than we think.

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