Brac kids take a trip to ancient Egypt

Sixty children from the Cayman Brac community recently took a voyage back in time at Vacation Bible School to learn all about the unique culture of ancient Egypt and the journey of Joseph.

Held at the Church of God (Holiness) locations in Spot Bay and Watering Place, about 30 workers devoted much time and effort to make it a successful event.

Church Pastor David Woods said Vacation Bible School provided an exciting way for the children to learn about Joseph’s journey from prison to palace, and to explore ancient Egypt, while learning about God.

“The church’s most important job is to communicate God’s love in action to our community, and Vacation Bible School gives us an opportunity to do this,” said Zenia Woods, director of the Brac bible school program.

With the church decorated in an Egyptian theme, participants dressed up in costumes and had lots of fun taking part in activities like painting a sarcophagus, the type of stone coffin typically adorned with a sculpture or inscription and associated with the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Rome, and Greece, and making mud bricks from play dough.

Each day of the five-day camp touched on the story of Joseph, who was imprisoned and visited by vivid dreams, then taken under the Pharaoh’s wing, and later helped Egypt survive a famine and eventually settled his family there.

The story was used to illustrate some concepts about the gifts that God bestows, like hope, special abilities, wisdom, forgiveness and family, underscored by relevant Bible verses.

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