Bible inspires campers’ adventures

Youngsters take part in ‘Cave Quest’

Youngsters show off camp name tags.

Vacation Bible School is a popular children’s activity at this time of year, a way to bring the community together as youngsters get involved and families make connections with their church.

The kids at the Bodden Town Church of God Vacation Bible School are taking part in “Cave Quest,” which offers an experience that helps explore what it means to follow Jesus through dark times, organizers said.

The Bible school activities, which run weekday evenings, include exploring Bible stories, meeting new friends, conducting experiments, playing sports, singing and snacks.

According to Pastor Hyacinth Rose, Cave Quest is built around the theme of coming out the darkness and people having trust and hope in the Lord.

Each day, the campers rotate from station to station, learning about sharing Jesus’s love with others beyond the four walls of the church building.

Equipped with flashlights and protective helmets on a recent evening, the children could not wait to explore paper caves full of vibrant colors and different textures that the decorating team had constructed around the church. Glow-in-the-dark paper stalagmites and stalactites led the way as the children crawled through the caves, learning about God’s love at the various exit points.

At Sharon Roberts’s station, the children learned how to make sugar crystals and how caves played very important roles in Biblical times – one being the place where Jesus was laid to rest after he was crucified.

Stopping in at Stephanie Roberts’s station, they got to sing worship songs, laugh and dance.

In her classroom, Pastor Rose, dressed in a nurse’s coat, explained how the church supports missionaries in countries like Haiti and Nicaragua. She encouraged the children to assist these countries and missionaries by bringing just a few cents to Bible class, explaining that small sums would go a long way in making life better for people in need, She also encouraged the campers to always look for evidence of God’s love all around them through the things that they see, smell, touch and hear.

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