Fundraiser brings community together

Some residents couldn’t resist buying more than one plate of delicious Scranton food. Money raised from the sale will go toward enhancement of the Scranton community. - Photo: Jewel Levy

Scranton residents were busy on Friday tempting residents’ taste buds to raise money for community projects.

Dale Ramoon, chairman of the Central Scranton Community Committee, organized a sale of traditional Caymanian dishes.

Money raised will go toward community cleanups, park beautification plans, supplies and assistance for residents.

The food sale was set up in an area that was recently revitalized for community use.

“Central Scranton has always been a close-knit, family oriented bunch of people. We want to maintain that,” said Mr. Ramoon. “At the same time, we are trying to see if we can recapture that old saying, ‘It takes a village to raise a child,’ a motto that most Caymanians and forefathers had.”

Vanda Powery was on hand to support the food sale. “The food is always great – fish and turtle stew plus great sides, very scrumptious and delicious,” she said.

“There is good old Caymanian ‘breadkind’ such as breadfruit and cassava, as well as fry plantain, potato salad, mac and cheese, corn bread. You can’t beat that. It’s awesome,” said Ms. Powery, making her purchase of two plates of food.

“I admire these people. Despite what people might say about them, they are very community spirited. They come together at various times to help one another,” said Lucille Seymour, Central Scranton committee vice president. The former George Town MLA thanked the cooks, president, residents and committee members for their work.

“Right now we are trying to raise funds for projects in November so we can help the community,” she said.

Mr. Ramoon describes Scranton and its people as well-meaning and welcoming of positivity.

“The Central Scranton committee is about community affairs and trying to make the community a better place for everyone,” Mr. Ramoon said.

“We are also trying to encourage the youngsters to be more positive and help stamp out some of the negativity that has been in our midst for some time.”

The property on which the food sale was being held, on loan from the Walton family, represents one of the committee’s projects.

“We want to beautify around the property and keep it clean,” said Mr. Ramoon.

“Caribbean Utilities have already pitched in by erecting some poles around the property.”


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