50 years ago: Homesters remind all of childhood summers on the Brac

In the Aug. 10, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, Cayman Brac correspondent Lilian Ritch wrote:

Cayman-brac--50-years-final“July came in with the homesters, especially the children, rushing home as soon as school closed to the sea and skin diving and fishing and torching and the freedom of wind, wave and ironshore and bluff of their birthplace.

“The family of Mrs. Elvie Scott and the late Mr. William Scott of Spot Bay is having a reunion which leaves few out of the picture. Little Charmaine, the youngest of Vetha’s (Mrs. Lewin Scott) was the first to arrive with Aunt Winnie (Mrs. Ellis Walton) of the Creek whose home is the ‘camp’ for the youngsters. Now, daily splashing and shelling and riding between Spot Bay and the Creek with their cousins and Roy Jr., 18, Kay and Charmaine, children of Capt. Lewin Scott of the Magister and Mrs. Vetha, Steven, elder son of Capt. Leland Scott, Lieut. Jamaica Defence Force and Capt. of the Mandingo. Steve is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Scott and so is the great-grand among the crowd. Born in Jamaica this is his first visit here and he is proving himself a real seaman with boats and fish.

“These children are gaining their secondary in Jamaica. Roy sat the G.C.E. Cambridge from Meadowbrook High School taking six subjects, his specials are history and scripture. Kay comes from St. Hugh’s. She took five subjects in the G.C.E., her special interest being in biology and she plans to study nursing. Charmaine attends Dunrobin Preparatory. Steve is at St. George’s College.

“Come from the U.S.A. are Virginia and Susan Dixon with their mother, Vedette. Virginia, 19 has progressed so well in schooling she will be entering Junior High in September. Susie in P.S. 181, Brooklyn.

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“Enjoying the sea so much they do not want to go back are Judy, 14, and Gregory, 11, who came with their mother, Valerie, Mrs. Weddiston Ritch, of Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey. Mrs. Valerie, Mrs. Elvie’s third daughter, left home in 1936. Married to ‘Weddy’ Ritch, formerly of the Creek, they lived in Jamaica, Trinidad, Puerto Rico and eventually settled in the U.S.A. in Hasbrouck Heights, which she describes as a beautiful little town. Her last visit here was 12 years ago and she is impressed tremendously with the lovely homes, the airport and above all the 24-hour service of electricity.”

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