Signing set for attorney’s third book

Author Doug Schofield

Cayman Islands attorney and author Douglas Schofield will be at Camana Bay’s Books & Books store from 6:30-8 p.m. Thursday for a reading and book signing of his third novel “Time of Departure.”

The book focuses on fictitious Florida prosecutor Claire Talbot who reopens an investigation into a series of kidnappings that occurred before she was born. Together with a retired police officer, Talbot finds more victims and also discovers … well, readers will have to find out for themselves.

Mr. Schofield, a former Crown prosecutor who was acting solicitor general before moving to private firm HSM Chambers, has managed to make the book a nail-biter while also getting the law and “logic” of the situations right, according to a number of reviews on the book.

The former prosecutor’s debut novel, “Flight Risks,” was published in 2010. His follow up, “Succession,” was printed in 2012.

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