Music extravaganza slated for Coe Wood Beach

Bodden Town’s Coe Wood Beach will be the scene of plenty of good music Friday night, as musicians come together to help raise funds for charity.

Organized by Dwayne “John John” Seymour’s Mogul Entertainment, the open-air concert at the beach’s boat ramp will feature Jamaican artist Nesbeth, local performers Rex Frederick’s Impluzz Band featuring “Lammie” and others, and reggae artist Stuart Wilson. Also performing will be reggae and R&B singer Kim Powell, who will debut her new album, and local DJs, including Super C, T&T and Empire SoundGlen Faud.

Organizers want Bodden Towners – and out-of-towners – to come on by the beach and enjoy good food, music and dancing under the stars.

Mr. Seymour said he had originally planned to host a concert on the beach just to “let people come out, let their hair down and have some fun,” but after being approached by a couple of Bodden Town musicians, including Lammie and Mr. Frederick, he decided to host a bigger night of entertainment and to assist sick people and charities in the local community.

“If we see the fans turn out, maybe we can host similar music shows on a regular basis,” Mr. Frederick said. “John John has always been one for helping out the community, which seems to have gone quiet for quite a while.”

“We want to help the charities and sick people in the community. Nothing much else is being done in a way of assisting these people who have high medical bills,” said Mr. Seymour.

After seeing friends and family members struggling to pay medical expenses, Mr. Frederick said he felt holding the concert would be a great benefit to those in need.

Police will be working with organizers to assist with parking. Organizers say patrons attending the function can find parking at the Bodden Town Public Library and government parks around the area.

Tickets can be purchased at Partyville or Reflections, or by calling 916-8010.


  1. This is excellent community spirit[ and most of all what a joy to hear some lively music in the town.
    Bodden Town is a quiet seaside district with only the public Coe Wood Beach to relax and enjoy a sea breeze scenery.
    John John, Dwane Seymour , we thank you for thinking about your people once again, and bringing much joy and happiness to our district.
    To the whole Cayman Islands, I say come out to the Coe Wood Public Beach on Friday night, Enjoy the good food and good music, bring your fold up chair and sit by the waters edge and just enjoy the good old sea breeze, rippling sound of the water and share talk with old friends while meeting new ones. Enjoy.

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