Record numbers for Stroke & Stride

Dan Neal of sponsor TRAC Automotive with first-placed male Stuart Bray, second male Iain McCallum and third male Alex McCallum.

The Cayman Islands Triathlon Association’s annual Stroke & Stride concluded Wednesday night after three impressive races and some spectacular swimming and running. Presented by Jaguar Land Rover, the Stroke & Stride saw a record number of athletes take part this year, with 199 athletes seen over the duration of the competition.

The 3-series race started with a sunset sea swim – the distance of which increased each week from 400 to 600 to 800 meters – followed by a 2 mile run through South Sound.

Stuart Bray dominated the men’s race, taking home the first place male title each week, and finishing the ultimate 800-meter swim and 2-mile dash in just 25 minutes, 32 seconds. The first place finisher in each category for each race is awarded 10 points, with 9 points for second, 8 for third, all the way down to 1 point for 10th place. This performance earned Bray a perfect 10 point score each week.

Bray was followed closely behind in the points by the McCallum brothers, with Iain McCallum taking second place and Alex third. Meanwhile, Veronique Poirier took home the women’s first place title after 3 weeks of racing, concluding Wednesday night’s race in an impressive 30 minutes, 6 seconds. Andrea Kilam-Higgo finished in second, and Jane Hale took third place female overall.

Dan Neal of event sponsor TRAC Automotive with second female Andrea Kilam-Higgo, first-placed female Veronique Poirer and third female Jane Hale.
Dan Neal of event sponsor TRAC Automotive with second female Andrea Kilam-Higgo, first-placed female Veronique Poirer and third female Jane Hale.

Fastest male team across the finish line was Team 345 with Marius Acker and Dominic Dyer, followed by California Connection (Shane Blake and Steven Durksen) in second, and TRAC 2 (Dan Whiteside and Matthew Seegelaar) in third.

Splash and Dash (Cora Schwendkte and Brid Verling) earned the first place female team title, followed by Blonde & Blonder (Claire Ruby and Brittany Riley) for second, and Team Cailini (Celine Macken and Lauretta Bennett) close behind in third.

Husband and wife team, Team Ando, (Elaine & Hugh Anderson) took first place in the mixed teams, with Team Swipe (Lauren Hew & Will Edwards) in second, and the deadly Silent Assassins (Maggie Tomlin and Matt Waterhouse) in third.

Trevor Murphy, President of the Cayman Islands Triathlon Association said, “It has been a fun three weeks. Thanks to all who came out to take part, the spectators, our wonderful volunteers, and of course our generous sponsors.”

Funds raised from the 2016 Jaguar Land Rover Stroke & Stride will be used to support local young triathletes and Cayman Islands HospiceCare.

The Cayman Islands Triathlon Association

The Cayman Islands Triathlon Association was founded in 1997 to promote the sport of triathlon in the Cayman community through organized events and competition, and to encourage and support young local athletes in pursing their goals. The Triathlon Association is a registered nonprofit organization.

Proceeds from Triathlon Association events will be used to grow local sports and foster young triathletes by building a dedicated coaching network, and supporting them in training and competition here and abroad. In addition, a portion of all funds raised are donated to Cayman charities.