Quick arrests in recent violent attacks

Police attend the scene of an Aug. 7 shooting on Rock Hole Road in George Town. The incident was one of several violent crimes for which police have made quick arrests since the start of the month. – Photo: Brent Fuller
Police attend the scene of an Aug. 7 shooting on Rock Hole Road in George Town. The incident was one of several violent crimes for which police have made quick arrests since the start of the month. – Photo: Brent Fuller

Royal Cayman Islands Police have made quick arrests in a string of violent incidents that occurred around Grand Cayman since the start of August.

RCIPS Chief Superintendent Kurt Walton said he could not explain why so many serious, violent incidents had occurred within the past few weeks, but he lauded local officers for their recent arrests.

“We’ve seen a recent trend, certainly when it comes to assaults, we’re working with the liquor licensing businesses regarding the incidents there, but I can’t state definitively what is the cause of it,” Mr. Walton said. “We don’t want to inflame matters and make it appear worse, but the positive is that we’ve had serious incidents … and in most of those serious incidents someone has been arrested and put before the courts.”

The incidents handled since Aug. 5 include a shooting, an armed robbery, the arrest of an armed suspect in a crowded place, and two violent assaults – one of which occurred outside a popular nightclub.

Gun at Bananas

Randy James Parchment, 35, was charged earlier this month with possession of an unlicensed firearm related to a loaded .38 revolver and ammunition police said he carried with him during an incident outside a George Town bar.

The incident took place Aug. 5 in the parking lot of Dolphin Centre on Eastern Avenue, near Bananas Restaurant and Bar. Police received a report of someone brandishing a handgun in the area around 2 a.m.

According to police reports, responding officers approached Parchment and asked to search him. Officers said the suspect declined and walked away. When ordered to stop, he refused to comply. A Taser electric charge weapon was eventually used to subdue him.

Fete Nightclub

A 23-year-old West Bay man was arrested Sunday in connection with an assault outside Fete nightclub along the Seven Mile Beach strip.

The fight that led to the attack occurred Saturday morning, sending three people to hospital, including the suspect who attended hospital after he was arrested by police.

Reports from the scene early Saturday indicated one of the victims had been slashed with a machete. The victims in the attack have since been released from the hospital.

Blood trail

West Bay station police officers followed a blood trail left by an assault victim Saturday night, leading to the arrest of another assault suspect.

According to the RCIPS, a man walked into the police station just before midnight “bleeding profusely from a wound to his left forearm.” Officers at the station performed first aid and called an ambulance to take the man to the hospital.

Officers then “followed the trail of blood” from the police station to an address at Neon Close – three-quarters of a mile away, where the attack had occurred. Using evidence collected from the scene, police detectives arrested a 58-year-old West Bay man on suspicion of wounding.

Savannah robbery

On Friday, the RCIPS arrested two undocumented immigrants who have since been charged with robbing a money transfer business in Bodden Town earlier this month. The two were being harbored at a local address, RCIPS detectives confirmed Monday.

The arrests were made following an early morning air and land search in the Bodden Town area last Friday. The suspects were identified as Jamaican nationals Paul Martin, 28, and Romario Codner, 21. Magistrate Kirsty-Ann Gunn ordered the two men remanded in custody without bail because neither man “had a lawful basis for being on island,” she said.

The court heard that the two men were charged with robbery in connection with an Aug. 12 heist that occurred at DND Accessories & Things in Savannah.

“This [operation] is not stuff that’s done overnight,” Mr. Walton said. “This was about painstaking methodical detective work that led to those arrests there.”

Shooting suspect

A 34-year-old man was brought to court Friday following his arrest on attempted murder and grievous bodily harm charges.

Kevin Curtis Bowen was arrested in connection with an early morning Aug. 7 shooting on Rock Hole Road outside a local restaurant. The victim was hospitalized for a gunshot wound to his left arm.


  1. This is the most arrests I have read about in long time , good job Mr Walton keep the good work , and hope that the new COP continues and the Islands would be free of criminals and safe to go to sleep with your windows open like the good old days .

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