50 years ago: Creation of public beaches proposed

NEW Bodden-50-years-logo-final-595x420In the Sept. 21, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, Bodden Town correspondent Haig Bodden wrote:

“Miss Beulah Carter of Bodden Town is staying with the Dyers in San Jose, Costa Rica. Beulah was presented with a poem composed by her hosts as a birthday tribute from them. The original is beautifully illustrated by the authors who are accomplished artists.

“Mrs. Lillith Watler left for Jamaica on the 15th to visit her daughter, who is a student nurse at the U.C. Hospital and who has had to undergo an appendix operation.

“Mrs. Aleathea Watler of Savannah has gone to New York on a visit.

“Mr. Cardinal Carter returned from the States this week. He is an employee of National Bulk Carriers and is home to spend his vacation.

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“The subject of recent articles and letters to the press has been our disappearing beaches. In and around the Bodden Town area, many of the beaches have changed owners. In most cases a fair price has been paid for those lands, and the conveyors are quite satisfied.

“Twenty-five years ago when one person owned a piece of beach land, almost nobody could use it for bathing purposes. However, today one is familiar with the private property and no trespassing signs which appear everywhere. Why should the beaches disappear? It is understood that in Barbados steps have been taken by government to guarantee freedom of the use of certain beaches to all who wish to enjoy them. Some of the beaches have been made into public property.

“Now our legislative body is very good at passing laws. For years we have had the land acquisition act by which land can be taken for roads etc. A few months ago, another law was passed under which swamp land can be commandeered in order to aid the mosquito control program. Would it be stretching it too much to pass another bit of legislation which will allow a few beaches to remain for public use?

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