Isy Obi
Isy Obi

Cayman-based designer Isy Obi has won a challenge at Phoenix Fashion Week to help develop an app to “take the business forward” in an appealing way for consumers.

“I’m excited to have this opportunity,” Obi said by phone from Utah, where she was taking a break and going hiking before heading to New York – for yet another design challenge victory.

Obi also won the competition to design a red carpet gown for Kym Gold, co-founder of designer jeans brand True Religion.

She was headed to New York to select fabrics for the gown she is working on for Gold.

“I’m having a good month!” said Obi, creator of the brand Isy B.

Obi was selected from a global pool of more than 300 applicants to compete for the title of Emerging Designer of the Year at Phoenix Fashion Week. She is competing alongside 14 other designers from the U.S. and as far afield as South Africa and Austria. The title will be awarded during the week of Oct. 12-15.

As for Obi’s app-in-development (working title: “Live. Shop. Jet Set.”), it is meant to make it easy for shoppers to know what to bring, what to wear, wherever they are traveling in the world.

“I travel a lot and I always have a packing list for different climates. I thought how convenient it would be to have an app that shows what to wear, blending travel and fashion,” she said. “I would find it useful, and I hope other people will too.”

She is working with a developer on the app platform and said she expects it to be ready next year.


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