RCIPS to launch ‘demonstration’ distress flares Thursday

The Cayman Islands Joint Marine Unit will fire two distress flares off Seven Mile Beach around 7:30 p.m. Thursday as a demonstration for boaters and the general public.

Royal Cayman Islands Police Inspector Leo Anglin said the exercise will hopefully help the public distinguish between a distress flare and other lights seen on the open water, including fireworks.

“Although we live on an island with a very active boating community, there are many people who have never seen a distress flare themselves,” Mr. Anglin said. “This demonstration is purely as an educational exercise for the public, and intended to reduce instances where the 911 Communications Centre is mistakenly notified of a flare sighting.”

Police said the flares will be visible along Seven Mile Beach.  The demonstration may be followed by similar flare demonstrations in other locations around the islands, which will be announced in advance by police.