Prison staff applicants take fitness tests

Potential prison service recruits undergo physical fitness tests Saturday.

The number of applicants for seven jobs in Her Majesty’s Prison Service in the Cayman Islands has been whittled down to 64 out of the original 128 vying for the positions.

The remaining applicants took part in physical exercise tests Saturday morning at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex, where their overall fitness was assessed, according to a press release from the prison service.

The candidates had to run a mile in less than 10 minutes, complete 30 push-ups and 30 sit-ups, both in a minute, and complete a timed agility test on the field.

The potential recruits were chosen to take the fitness test after passing English and mathematics proficiency tests, which all 128 applicants took.

“The exercises are challenging, but they are designed to test the strength, agility and endurance of each individual, which are extremely important qualities for prison officers,” Prison Director Neil Lavis said.

He added that being physically fit is a vital part of the job for prison officers.

“They play a fundamental part in maintaining the safety and well-being of offenders,” Mr. Lavis said. “They are responsible for supervising inmates, keeping order and dealing with individuals who can often be violent.”

Chief Officer for the Ministry of Home Affairs Wesley Howell attended the fitness test to encourage applicants, and also ran with a group of them around the track. Mr. Lavis also took part, completing 35 push-ups and sit-ups with the team.

The applicants who successfully completed the fitness test will be interviewed by Prison Service leaders in the first week of November.