Government approves ‘Older Persons’ Policy’

Cabinet this week approved an “Older Persons’ Policy” that will span the next 20 years, according to the Ministry for Community Affairs.

The policy, approved on Tuesday, Oct. 21, aims to “identify gaps in key areas of service delivery and develop opportunities for the creation, examination and revision of legislation impacting quality of life and services” for Cayman Islands residents aged 65 and over,” Minister Osbourne Bodden said in a statement Thursday.

He said the policy would cover legal protection, employment, family and community-based support services and health, among other elements.

Minister Bodden said it had been developed following input from stakeholders through a survey and forums and meetings held on all three islands earlier this year.

As well as the new policy, which the ministry expects to make public Friday or Monday, a legislative bill will also be drafted “to support and achieve the vision of advancing the well-being of older persons,” Mr. Bodden said.

To help implement the policy, a Council for Older Persons and a supporting secretariat would be included in the Older Persons legislation.

“The key focus of this Council will be to promote the needs and welfare of older persons, monitor policy implementation and advocate for legislative reform where necessary. It is expected that the Council will be comprised of older persons, civil society stakeholders and public-private sector representatives,” Mr. Bodden said in the statement.

He added, “To achieve the vision and effective implementation of this Policy will require continued cooperation and collaboration between partner agencies within government, civil society and the private sector and we hope to have the Implementation Action Plans completed, no later than March 2017.”



  1. What the minister should consider is adding more money to what the elderly is getting each month. How long do they think the elderly will be around. Take care of them now.
    How can the government really expect them to pay light bill, water bill, buy food, pay phone bill, out of $550.00 dollars this is a shame to the elderly, beside this their families is barely making it themselves and find it difficult to fill the space. Voters should hold unto their vote come next election, because all the governments for more than twelve years has not said a thing much less done anything for the elderly beside give them a ten dollar Foster Food charge, a lame turkey or put a twenty five dollars in an envelop for Christmas..

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