Man arrested after making threats at Needs Assessment Unit

Police say they arrested a Bodden Town man, 34, after he threatened staff at the Needs Assessment Unit by phone and then showed up at the George Town office Wednesday.

NAU staff called police at about 10:45 a.m. Wednesday, a police press release states. Police say the man was unstable and the NAU had denied his claim for assistance. Based on the threats over the phone, police say the NAU staff was concerned the man could have a gun.

The statement from police says four officers were involved in the arrest.

The press release notes, “The officers then skillfully contained the man in a way that caused him no harm, but prevented any use of a firearm should there have been one on his person.”

The man did not have a gun, the statement says, but police did find ganja in his car. The man was arrested and is currently on police bail.