Police arrest 37, most for unpaid traffic tickets

More than three dozen people who did not show up in court or forgot to pay their traffic tickets got a reminder last week, and a trip downtown in a police car.

Police said they arrested 37 people last week on outstanding warrants, according to a press release sent out Friday.

The release explains: “Although these warrants range in type, the majority of them are for individuals who have failed to appear at court or forgotten to pay traffic tickets. Officers often find that many people simply miss or forget court dates, and then are inconvenienced when arrest warrants are served.”

The statement notes, “While many of those with outstanding warrants are generally law-abiding people who have simply forgotten a court date, there are those with criminal cases whose violations are intentional.”

Police say people should contact the court if they realize they missed a court date and make sure traffic tickets are paid before officers issue an arrest warrant.


  1. How many years it will take to implement online ticket payment program?
    Some day new generation will take over, they are born pre-wired for new technology. And this issue will cease to exist.
    If CIG prefers to remain in a stone age, they should at least designate a parking spot or two for people to pay their tickets. It is that simple.

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