New yacht building code in the works

The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry is working with the Red Ensign Group, shipping registers for the United Kingdom and Crown dependencies, to develop new building codes for yachts.

The updated design and building code for large yachts and passenger yachts will include annexes like helicopter landing pads and will consolidate the codes into the common language used across Red Ensign Group codes.

A press release from the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry states, “This will make the Large Yacht Code more dynamic to industry change and development, whilst slowing the annual [Passenger Yacht Code] editions to continue to meet the new international requirements for passenger ships.

“This Code further develops the well-established industry standards of [Large Yacht Code and Passenger Yacht Code], combining the lessons learned from almost 20 years of regulating the large yacht sector since the first version of the Large Yacht Code was published by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency in 1997,” the release notes.

The Large Yacht Code applies to yachts that are 24 meters and larger and are used commercially for sport or pleasure with no more than 12 passengers.

The Passenger Yacht Code applies to any yacht carrying 13 to 36 passengers, used either commercially or privately.

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