The Prospect Primary School boys football team flew to Cayman Brac for a match last month that left a lasting impression on all involved.

The team played the Cayman Brac Football Club U-11s at the Bluff field.

“I am given to understand that we might be the first school team to have made this trip, as normally the team from the Brac do the traveling,” said Prospect Primary Principal Matthew Read, who accompanied the team.

He credits coach Mark O’Sullivan for making the trip possible.

“He was talking to Harold Sanford of the Brac Sports Department, and it came up in the whole history of the Primary matches no teams had traveled down to the Brac from Grand Cayman,” said Mr. Read.

“Mark said, how about we come to you this year, and after getting the go-ahead from the Department of Education Services, who helped arrange the travel, we knew we were a go.”
The team and coach got up early on Saturday to catch their flight on Cayman Airways.

“From the moment we got there, we were made to feel extraordinarily welcome,” said Mr. Read. “A bus picked us up and we did a little bit of sightseeing on the way to the pitch, then got ready for the game.”

Mr. Read said the match was tight and a great competition.

“It was 2-1 for Prospect Primary, and then in the last minute the Brac tied it up, and the final score was 2-2,” said Mr. Read, noting that all of the players on both teams made a great effort.

“Then we got back on the bus, and had a bit more of a tour, and stopped in to Popo Jeb’s for pizza by the airport. Before leaving, the team then had the chance to visit the Skull Cave.

“The boys were absolutely festinated by exploring the cave and seeing the bats,” said Mr. Read.

He noted that the whole experience was a great learning opportunity for the young players, who range in age from 9 to 11.

“Being able to take the boys to the airport and go through the whole process of checking in, and showing their passports, and being responsible was a really good experience for them, and to do it in a safe environment,” said Mr. Read. He noted that while some of the parents came to the match on another flight, the team and chaperones went on the trip all on their own.

“We live on an island, so traveling and going through the airport, it’s a really important life skill for these boys to learn.”

Mr. Read said another highlight was a talk Mr. Sanford gave the boys about planning and preparing for secondary school and about making decisions about their plans for the future.

“That was a really impressive talk, and we are inviting him to talk to the Prospect Primary PTA soon.

“Overall, it was a really good day, they all enjoyed it so much.”

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