Decorating offices for Christmas is not uncommon, but MUFG Investor Services makes it an interactive staff event that should be a lesson to us all. Two floors in the company’s building – MUFG House – participated in a competition where team members were given the opportunity to go hog wild and be as creative as possible.

“Every year in December, we embrace the spirit and teams get together to decorate their desks and cubical areas,” says Jessica Deegenaars, executive and marketing assistant. “On the day of our Christmas party, we allow staff to bring their children into the office in the afternoon to wander through and enjoy the magic and that same day we have anonymous judges pick the top three winners.”

According to Deegenaars, the staff members manage to surpass their efforts from the previous years, which is “extraordinary,” considering the imagination and execution displayed in images from past competitions.

This year, the Old Cayman Christmas team gave everyone a good run for their money with lots of familiar traditions incorporated into their design, including swanky, stew beef and other foods, thatch baskets, an outhouse, laundry and a bible.

In the end, however, they bowed to the winners, who transformed their corner of the third floor into Jerusalem and Bethlehem, with the three wise men, a nativity scene, gold, frankincense and myrrh, and even a papier-mâché camel that people could sit on!

Seems other offices should step up to the challenge next year ….

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