Deadline for contractor registration nears

Builders Board members, from left, board secretary and Director of Planning Haroon Pandohie, Deputy Chairman S. Thomas Bodden, Stanley Hill, Chairman Heber G. Arch, Antoney Reid, Dean D. Scott, Omar McLean, Roland Bodden and Mervin Smith. Not pictured: Dave Johnston.

New mandatory licensing rules for building contractors start in January.

Members of the Builders Board, who oversee Cayman’s contractors, have been meeting weekly to prepare for the new registration law and to plan a public outreach campaign to remind builders that it’s time to register.

Board Chairman Heber Arch said in a press release that the new Builders Law has been in the works for years. The law was passed in 2007.

“We’ve begun the process of making its provisions a reality. Complying with the law by registering is protection for locally operating builders as well as for consumers, who will have recourse to getting better service from their contractors,” he said.

Board members are putting brochures at hardware and builders’ supply stores. Planning Director Haroon Pandohie said board members also plan to speak in public forums and local media to explain the new Builders Law and how every local contractor, including small, one-person operations, need to register.

The Cayman Islands Contractors Association has been holding workshops to explain the new law and help people complete the registration forms.

Registration forms will be available through the Planning Department beginning in January.

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