Deadline looms for contractors to register with Builders Board

The deadline for general contractors to register under the new Builders Law is coming up at the end of the month, and many contractors still have not completed their applications with the Builders Board.

According to the Department of Planning, about 650 of the territory’s 1,040 licensed construction companies have registered with the Builders Board.

However, that number may not reflect the true situation of how many contractors have registered.

Builders Board Chairman Heber Arch said many of the 1,040 licensed construction companies are not actual contractors, but are instead labor brokers – meaning that they hire out labor to the companies with project contracts. Those companies do not qualify as contractors, and likely don’t have to register with the Builders Board.

Contractors who fail to register by July 31 could find themselves unable to obtain permits for their projects after the end of this month. The application fee to become registered is $75, and requirements include getting public liability insurance and workman’s compensation.

After some initial opposition to the law from within the industry, Mr. Arch has said he believes the system is now being well received.

Mr. Arch said the goal of the new system is consumer protection. He said the new system would ensure contractors were only doing the type of work they were qualified to do and that they carried the necessary liability insurance.

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