Bodden Town’s Meagre Bay pond, a large saline water body tucked away just next to the main road in Pease Bay, provides a home for a wide variety of wildlife, from fish to birds and reptiles. Year-round the area teems with wildlife, such as flocks of rasps, pied-billed grebes, kingfishers, coots and herons, according to National Trust Field Officer Stuart Mailer.

Fred Burton of the Department of Environment notes that as a former Animal Sanctuary it automatically became a Protected Area under the National Conservation Law when that passed and came into effect.

Mr. Mailer says that the pond has welcomed a variety of interesting avian visitors lately. Last year, birders noted around a dozen anhinga, large water birds also known as snake birds and water turkeys, as well as several cormorants.

Last Friday, Mr. Mailer was delighted to spot a white morph reddish egret, a very rare sight on Grand Cayman, which displays a distinctive dance which it uses to scare up small fish from the shallows.

And on a visit this week, Mr. Mailer spotted three to four ospreys, which may be nesting, as well as another rare sight, a red-breasted merganser, a kind of duck.

The pond attracts large flocks of lesser scoup, a migratory duck, which can be seen there now.

A rocky area on the far eastern side of the pond also is host to a rare plant that serves as a larval food for Cayman’s pygmy blue butterflies.

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