Health City explores sports medicine deal

From left, Ascension’s Scott Lambert presents a pending partnership at Health City Cayman Islands, accompanied by Dr. Jeff Dugas and Dr. James Andrews of Andrews Sports Medicine, and Health City’s Dr. Chandy Abraham.

Doctors from U.S.-based Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics visited Health City Cayman Islands on Friday to discuss a partnership that would offer operative care and rehabilitation for athletes.

Facilitated through Ascension and Narayana Health, the pending partnership offers an opportunity for innovation, said Scott Lambert, vice president of Ascension.

“One of our key goals is around innovation and research and also collaboration between the entities and the delivery of healthcare in the U.S. We endeavor to engage our organizations and position groups in the U.S. with Health City Cayman Islands. This is an example of that,” Mr. Lambert said during a press conference.

Health City and Andrews Sports Medicine were initially brought together as a result of the U.S. group’s 20-year relationship with St. Vincent’s Health System in Birmingham, Alabama, which is part of Ascension. Visits between doctors at the Alabama facility and in the Cayman Islands have been coordinated over the past year to move the partnership forward.

Dr. James Andrews, accompanied by Dr. Jeff Dugas, said this week was his first time in the Cayman Islands, and he found the location to be ideal for athletes in recovery.

“The potential is unbelievable here. Obviously from the sports medicine world, there is a lot going on here and a lot that can go on in the future. So I’m here mainly to learn what’s happening,” Dr. Andrews said.

Dr. Dugas, who has made previous trips to the Grand Cayman facility, said he has been impressed with quality of care offered here.

“I think the quality of what they do is on par with what we like to see, and we have no issues there. That is not necessarily true everywhere in the world. I feel comfortable with the quality of what they’ve put together here and that makes it an easy collaboration for us,” Dr. Dugas said.

Health City facility director Dr. Chandy Abraham said that while healthcare costs in the U.S. are variable, estimates indicate that care in the Cayman Islands comes close to about a third of the U.S. cost.


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