Mulch from recycled Christmas trees filled two-and-a-half dump trucks over the weekend as workers with the Department of Environmental Health set about the operation of the annual program at the George Town cricket field on Saturday.

Recycling foreman Angello Roye said the free mulch produced by the industrial-sized wood grinder known as “The Beast” was a hit with the public and supplies ran out by 2 p.m. Saturday.

Despite the growing popularity of plastic Christmas trees, he estimated that the number of recycled trees was similar to that of last year, with 1,455 processed.

Recycled trees were collected from several sites on Grand Cayman, including the cricket field, Spotts and sites in West Bay and off Frank Sound Road.

Mulching the trees required about eight hours of work.



  1. This what I call getting a bad. bang for your buck . This machine cost a really big dollars , and is boasting about 2 an half truck loads of free mulch and 8 hours of work to do it.
    I think that this money could have been spent on fixing the dump permanently . Then this mulch is not good for your fruit trees , because it is acidic .

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