Bermudan prison officers train in Cayman Islands

From left, Supervisor Cohen Daley, Bermudian Prison Officer Steven Simons, Prison Service Director Neil Lavis, Bermudian Prison Officer Juan Looby and Supervisor Troy David.

Her Majesty’s Cayman Islands Prison Service has helped train two prison officers from Bermuda’s Department of Corrections in the use of force.

The two Bermudan prison officers, Steven Simons and Juan Looby, came to Grand Cayman to complete the Use of Force Training course with the two internationally certified HMCIPS instructors in order to train their own prison staff, according to a press release from the Cayman prison service.

Nine new recruits in the local prison service also took the course as part of their training program.

“Use of force in the correctional setting is often relied upon by prison officers as a means of safety and maintaining order,” Prison Director Neil Lavis said. “This course is designed to teach prison officers the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and successfully handle any situation they may find themselves in while on the job.”

The course was led by Supervisors Cohen Daley and Troy David, who spent last November teaching use of force courses in Turks and Caicos to prison staff in Grand Turk.

The trainers will soon travel to the United Kingdom to be recertified in the program, so they can continue teaching prisons throughout the Overseas Territories on the use of force, the release stated.

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