I am disappointed in the Cayman Compass as it clearly did not do its research before publishing what appears to be a “spin” on what was a clear victory for the objectors in Parkway.

Despite Mr. Baraud’s comments the contrary, the objectors are not against development; they are against a developer trying to make an application to the Central Planning Authority in a clear violation of the law and guidelines of the Cayman Islands with respect to what may be built in a low density residential area.

If you had read the actual minutes of the CPA from the Jan. 18 meeting, you will see that the application was approved “SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS: 1. The applicant shall submit revised plans showing: (a) the building with a maximum of two storeys; and (b) all units labelled as residential apartments with the exception of a fitness facility, if desired, for the use of the residents of the apartments ….”

Mr. Baraud requested that permission be granted for a three-story building with a rooftop pool and six commercial units to be added to the allowed 20 residential units.

The residents of Parkway sought only to ensure that the rules for all are uniformly applied. We do not and did not object to the building of 20 apartments or a rooftop pool. We objected to the building of a three-story apartment complex with a fourth story comprising a rooftop pool that included cabanas and six commercial units. This application was outside of the allowable height limits, included commercial units and sought to suggest that the rooftop pool was not “occupiable space” even though, by necessity, cabanas would be required to mitigate the blazing sun for the residents of said apartment complex.

In future, please tell the whole story and not just one side.

Bonnie Gerow

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