Firearm investigation continues

Ballistics and forensic tests not complete

Magistrate Valdis Foldats continued remand in custody for two people charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm after they appeared in Summary Court on Monday.

Daniella Tibbetts, 24, and Kashwayne Hewitt, 20, first were brought to court on Feb. 13, charged with possession of an unlicensed .45 Colt semi-automatic pistol in West Bay on Feb. 10.

Last week, the court was told that the pistol was believed to have been used in an incident that occurred outside a West Bay Road nightclub on Feb. 4.

On Monday, the court was advised that the Crown was not yet ready to transfer the charge to Grand Court because police officers were awaiting the results of a ballistics report to determine if the firearm was linked to another incident.

Other forensic tests, including fingerprints and DNA, also have not been completed.

Defense attorney Crister Brady advised that no bail application was being made for Hewitt. The magistrate reminded Tibbetts that she could still take her bail application to the Grand Court, since he had refused it last week.

Both defendants were remanded to return to court on Monday, March 6.