To foster a positive relationship between youth and police, officers began a new outreach initiative on Saturday by spending time with children at Black Pearl Skate Park in Grand Harbour.

The children, from Windsor Park in George Town, ranged in age from 9 to 14.

“Building closer ties to the community is absolutely critical for the RCIPS,” said Police Sergeant Sean Lloyd-Hickey, head of the Neighbourhood Policing Department, “and there is no better way to do this than through building relationships with children, and by extension, their families.

“This activity at the Skate Park is a perfect way to do this, and show children that a police officer is an accessible and helpful person, who is dedicated to their safety.”

The skate park arranged transportation for the children from their homes to Grand Harbour, where they were met by two officers to skate and play games together.

The excursions are set to be repeated on a monthly basis, and will focus on children from different neighborhoods in George Town.

Officers played foosball and other games with the youth.

“Providing children with positive interactions with police from a young age is key,” said Michael Myles, chairman of the CI Skateboard Association.

“This is when their minds are open and positive role models can make a big impression.

“Just some consistent, positive attention could make a huge difference in the life of a child, and when that attention comes from a police officer, it could also influence their perception and experience with law enforcement later on,” said Mr. Myles.


  1. I think that this idea of the Officers getting to know the kids, and the kids getting to know and trust the Officers are very good and should be extended to a broader public audience .
    But we should make sure that some far left wing cocoon don’t come along and try to change it , like what has happened here in the USA , where the Police tried the same thing by meeting the kids on Friday morning and giving them all a high five greeting at school to start their day , and some far left cocoon in the school has had it stopped .

  2. I can understand the police helping, but my question is to ask “Where is the rest of Cayman” They are our children. In each constituency hopeful after election that District constituencies can each provide a place for their youth to attend evenings and week ends. If you do not find somewhere for them to go and something to do, there will become idle hands to do devil works, and we have no one to blame but our own. Even now proposed candidates can go forward t organizing youth clubs. Don’t have to wait to see if you will get a seat, do it now. That shows you are not running for self but for the people.

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