Four cheers are in order for The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.

That’s one for each of the consecutive years that the iconic Seven Mile Beach hotel has earned a AAA Five Diamond award, which is the highest rating offered by North America’s biggest motoring and leisure travel organization.

The Ritz-Carlton’s signature restaurant, Blue by Eric Ripert, also received a AAA Five Diamond designation.

The Ritz-Carlton is the only hotel in the Cayman Islands to earn Five Diamonds, and Blue is the only restaurant in the Caribbean to earn Five Diamonds.

(Note: The AAA ratings are known as some of the “purest” accolades an organization can receive. The group uses professional inspectors who conduct anonymous, in-person evaluations. It’s not an award that can be bought through advertising or membership fees.)

In other good news for The Ritz-Carlton, the hotel also learned it had won Forbes Four Star awards for both the resort and the La Prairie spa.

Those honors should come as no surprise to anyone who has visited the resort, which sets the standard – anywhere – for luxury accommodations and customer service.

It doesn’t hurt, of course, that The Ritz-Carlton has a prime location on one of Earth’s best beaches. Most recently, Seven Mile Beach was high atop the list of the 2017 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice awards – coming in fourth in the Caribbean and 12th out of 25 in the world. (We can’t say we agree totally with the TripAdvisor rankings … In our opinion, Seven Mile Beach is clearly the Number One beach on the globe.)

Ever since it opened in 2006, The Ritz-Carlton has been a valued corporate citizen and a gem in Cayman’s tourism crown. The resort employs hundreds of employees, contributes millions to the public coffers and acts as a catalyst for much, much more economic activity in the private sector. All the accolades that The Ritz-Carlton has rightfully earned over the years are reflected positively onto Cayman as a whole.

A win for The Ritz-Carlton is a win for Cayman.


  1. If you seriously think that, ‘Seven Mile Beach is clearly the Number One beach on the globe,’ I have a suggestion – get out a bit more. The TripAdvisor ratings are (as I posted on your story about this) nowhere near as good as DoT claim. In fact they’re a very clear warning that Cuba is fast becoming the dominant destination in this region. Personally, I’d take Varadero over SMB any day of the week.

    As for R-C? The AAA rating doesn’t mean that it’s five-star hotel or anything like it. A few years ago I stayed at another R-C in the USA that has a AAA Four Diamond award but it would have struggled to get four-stars on the European rating scale. Bottom line – AAA ratings are based on specific criteria not customer experience. It may be good but is it really that great?

  2. Cayman Compass Editorial , while I understand your concerns , there’s a lot more questions that we should ask for marketing Tourism . What is the use of only having AAA / gold rated restaurant and hotel and experience fully staffed hotel do in helping a person make a decision on choosing a vacation destination ? I would say that it helps only the chosen few , but in Tourism should we only be catering to that chosen few ? or should we be marketing a larger group ?

    So today in high Tourist season , what is the capacity of these highly rated accommodations today 50 or 100% ?
    Maybe our competitors in the same high season is at a 100% , then that could say we’re doing something wrong with marketing all high ratings. I know that you can give one all the tools to do the job , but still can’t do it .

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