The Sunday beach volleyball teams prepare for the finals.

As February came to a close, the Sunday beach volleyball teams prepared themselves for the final week of competition before the finals. In Division A, Balls in Yo Face and Friends Circle had a new competitor, Just Da Tip, who joined the matches. The three teams played each other in single sets to 21 points. Balls in Yo Face again finished on top, with Friends Circle in second and Just Da Tip in third.

Division B

Only Just Da Tip, Notorious DIG, Sandy’s Angels and CIS dug deep enough to secure their spot as the top four going into the semis. The competition broke down as follows: Sandy’s Angels beat CIS 21-16, and Just Da Tip crushed Notorious DIG 21-1. In the finals, Just Da Tip narrowly beat Sandy’s Angels 21-19, and CIS took home third place, defeating Notorious DIG 21-18. Poppin’ Volleys time in the B Division was short-lived as their 0-5 record takes them back to the Division C.

Division C

The top four finishing teams were Kiss our Aces, Unprotected Sets, Is It In?, and That Ace Though. Judging from their performance in regular pool play, That Ace Though and Kiss Our Aces were the teams to beat, each with a 3-0 record. Joining them in the semis were Unprotected Sets and Is it In?, both with a 2-1 record. But luck ran out for That Ace Though and Kiss Our Aces in the semis, as Kiss Our Aces lost to Is It In? by a score of of 21-10, while Unprotected Sets took down That Ace Though 21-14. The grand finale had Unprotected Sets and Is It In? squaring off in the finals, with Unprotected Sets owning the set 21-17.

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