Volleyball coaches attend training

Juan Cartagena, technical coordinator with NORCECA, the North, Central America and Caribbean Confederation of volleyball, is instructing 21 local and expatriate resident volleyball enthusiasts this week at the Lions Centre.

The sessions aim to provide an international introductory certification to volleyball coaching with a mixture of live and online instruction, physical application, and written examination.

Some of the participants are very familiar to CIVF as veteran players and volunteers from past events, including Javid Ali, Troy Alleyne, Jesper Barrozo, Keeble Knight, Domonique Linwood, Prakash Ramnani, Curtis Richards, Kevin Solomon (technical director, CIVF), Duane Wood, Daniel Pattico, Mark Ray and Jessica Wolfenden.

The CIVF Child Protection Officer, Dr. Taylor Burrowes, is also on hand to explain the National Sports Association’s Child Protection Policy to ensure the integration of safety awareness and reporting procedures for child abuse, a press release states.

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