To the people who stole my scooter

Yesterday began as any other day, nothing too different from a regular work day. As usual, I was a bit tired these days but still beat the alarm clock. I showered, got dressed and had my usual breakfast. I flossed and brushed my teeth and it was time to head out to work. As I am working long hours and most times weekday and weekends. I was a few minutes later than usual.

I live in the Seven Mile Beach area but unfortunately on the wrong side of the street. There’s nothing wrong with my side, but the other side of the road has some of the most desired residences on the island. I can still dream!

I was just heading out to the back of my building to where my moped is parked to take the short ride to work. Again, it was just another usual day, and then a few moments later, the day becomes anything but usual.

There was one little problem, or in my case not so little. A question went through my head, “How do you ride to the office when there is no moped where it should be?”

Then self-doubt began to set in and I started to retrace my steps from the night before. Somehow, did I walk home instead?

That would have been really nice if that had happened. Alas, the truth sets in.

It doesn’t help that there are no security cameras nearby. I was then thinking that my secure bike tire lock didn’t stop the thieves. The only way it could have happened was the moped had to be physically lifted onto a truck or into a van by some really strong guys.

Therefore, the question I would like to pose is, “Why do some try spoil it for the rest of us?”

I love the Cayman Islands and its people. I enjoy both expats as well as native Caymanians. This country is very special and I am so happy to be here, but it is disappointing that some do their best (or is it their worst) to attempt to spoil it for the rest of us. Perhaps the thieves have become experts in their field but they do impact working people and don’t seem to care about their actions.

Life goes on, and all I ask is if you do happen to see a blue Piaggio Typhoon with license 148 666, please let the authorities know where and when you noticed it, as the person driving it isn’t me!

Still loving Cayman!


William Paré


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