A cyclist was hospitalized Monday morning with serious injuries following a collision with a fire service vehicle in West Bay.

According to a government statement on the crash: “An officer with the Cayman Islands Fire Service was the driver of the fire rescue vehicle that crashed into a utility pole. A cyclist was also involved in the incident.”

The truck driver, its passenger and the cyclist were taken to hospital. The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service said the bicycle rider was in serious condition but his injuries were not believed to be life-threatening. The two individuals in the truck were treated and released.

Police and emergency personnel closed off a section of Birch Tree Hill Road due to the crash, which occurred around 8:20 a.m.

According to Caribbean Utilities Company, the accident damaged the power pole on Stadium Drive near Ed Bush field in West Bay, knocking out power to nearly 250 customers. By midday Monday, only 85 customers were without power and the pole was in the process of being replaced.

CUC officials could not immediately get into the scene to fix the damage because of the police investigation.

The road was blocked to traffic to Apple Blossom Road, inclusive of Stadium Drive, according to a statement from Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.


  1. We regularly cycle round West Bay on a Sunday morning. Going down these same streets.

    The majority of drivers are very courteous and give us a wide berth. THANK YOU.

    A small number cut very close. They must be in a terrible hurry to get somewhere on a Sunday morning.

    A few weeks ago one came so close to me that I left the road and badly hurt my hand against a wall. Nothing serious.

    Another driver hit a lady cycling down Yacht Drive. She ended up in hospital. The driver didn’t stop.

    Please drivers stay at least 5 ft away from cyclists and allow them to stay at least 3 ft away from the curb.

    • I’m really puzzled about the two people who disagreed with my comment above.

      Do they think perhaps that it’s OK to drive cyclists off the road or run them over?

      Oh well.

      If they could please reply with their car description and color I’ll be sure to stay out of their way ;-(

  2. Agree Mr Linton may they were the ones that ran you off , and did the hit and run . I still think that the thumbs down button shouldn’t be able to work unless you give a reason for objecting .

  3. If Cayman let cyclists know that they should obey the rules of the road especially keeping left and not keeping right, it would help. Also what about having lights on their bikes when cycling in the dark!

  4. George. You are absolutely right. Cyclists SHOULD obey the law. Especially when it comes to lights at night.

    It’s scary for me as a motorist to drive down a dark road at night and suddenly come across an unlit cyclist in dark clothing. Suicidal!

    But the crashes we are talking about were all in broad daylight.

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