Eden, Anthony

Name: Anthony Eden
District: Savannah
Affiliation: Independent
Previous elected office experience: Current MLA
Website: https://www.caymancompass.com/tag/anthony-eden/


Interview with Anthony Eden

Kayla Young: Hi, this is Kayla Young with the Cayman Compass. We’re here with independent candidate Anthony Eden, running in the district of Savannah in the May 2017 elections. Welcome, Mr. Eden.

Anthony Eden: Thank you.

Kayla Young: Why don’t you introduce yourself and tell us why you are running for the Legislative Assembly.

Anthony Eden: Thank you and I want to say a special thanks once again to have this opportunity. My name is Anthony Eden. I’m running for the electoral district of Savannah. I’ve been in politics now for six terms – 24-plus years. I’m an honorary member of the Justices of the Peace Association. I’ve been recognized by her Majesty the Queen in 1998 as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire for services to the community.

The biggest driving factor – as many people know, I planned to retire but the overwhelming request from every district in the Cayman Islands to consider four more years of politics and that is one of the driving forces. I’ve always defended our Christian heritage and that is what many people have asked me to please stay on to bring that moral stability within the Parliament.

Kayla Young: What’s the most important issue facing your district?

Anthony Eden: I would say in the Savannah district, it is lack of a constant and good employment for our people there. I feel that it is greatly needed, better education facilities at a higher level. We have some of the best primary schools in the island within the district, that is, in Bodden Town and the Savannah Primary School and I feel that it is important to provide the resources within these school systems that the people have the opportunity to get educated and compete in the fields that are out there.

Kayla Young: Would you say is the biggest issues facing Cayman as a whole?

Anthony Eden: It’s the lack of opportunities for many young Caymanians at senior levels and we look at  specifically, as was triggered by the Legal Practitioners Bill, young Caymanians that have gone through the Cayman Islands Law School and there seems to be a certain amount of stagnation at advancement. There’s very few of them that get to a level where they can be competitive and benefit from the financial success that the Cayman Islands has been for the last 40-50 years. And I feel that with proper education opportunities further for them and exposure to the international markets, that they will excel also like other people that work within our financial industry.

Kayla Young: What’s something that Cayman is doing right, and how would you help continue that?

Anthony Eden: That’s an easy one, I must say, and I give credit to government for the past four years – the government system of accountability. It’s brought stability within the government, accountability, and I would continue to support within the system any legislation that is needed and also any businesses’ infrastructure that is going on. There’s another thing that’s happening in the Cayman Islands – to make sure that the proper legislation is in place and go forward and support as everybody knows I am bipartisan. I’m not a political animal. I’m there because the people put me there. They want me there and they’ve demonstrated that over the last six terms and 24-plus years.

Kayla Young: if elected, what’s your top priority on day one?

Anthony Eden: As I alluded to earlier on, my priority, for the benefit of all the Cayman Islands, our financial industry is the largest sector that contributes to our funding of our budget. I would certainly urge the colleagues that I get re-elected with to look at the proper legislation to go forward and the ancillary legislation that we may need to do to also go forward  and bring it forth that all young Caymanians can  have the opportunity to benefit.

Kayla Young: Mr. Eden, thank you for coming to visit with us.

Anthony Eden: I just wanted to thank you very much and say that this venture that has been undertaken by the Caymanian Compass is a noble effort and a great opportunity to educate the electorate on the candidates they will have to choose from.



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