A screen grab from one of the Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Growth Matters’ short films.

This time, the coming attractions came with a message. The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce kicked off its “Growth Matters” initiative on Wednesday at Regal Cinemas in Camana Bay, unveiling a series of 10 animated short films designed to educate people of all ages about the economy.

The initiative, conceptualized by former Chamber of Commerce Council member Steve McIntosh, deals with an issue that may be close to the heart of all Cayman citizens: The growth of the private sector.

Each of the brief films, which are available at www.growthmatters.ky, aims to educate people about why it’s important for the local economy to grow. The private sector, the films stress, is the prosperity engine of a country, and when it does well, everyone does well.

Kyle Broadhurst, president of the Chamber of Commerce, addressed the audience at Regal Cinemas before the films aired and gave a brief description of their working goal.

“The purpose of these videos,” he said, “is to shape the discussion of economic growth to one that’s not whether economic growth is necessary or important, but rather how should we grow? I think this is something that we as a community need to focus on, because without economic growth … we essentially go backwards as a community.”

The films followed his introduction, and each was brief and to the point. One of the films aims to explain where money comes from, and another shows where it goes when it reaches the community. Revenue, the film states, goes to four places: salaries, overhead, government fees and profit.

The average company turns a profit on just 7.5 cents out of every dollar, according to the film series, and Mr. McIntosh broke down the thrust of the program during a post-film question-and-answer session.

“The economy is like the plumbing in your house,” Mr. McIntosh said in response to a question from the audience. “You don’t really think about it until it stops working for you.”

Mr. McIntosh came up with the concept and helped shepherd it through the scripting process and onto the animation board. The final project was an engaging mix of stick figure graphics and colorful graphs and charts on how money enters an economy and where it goes once it’s distributed.

Now that it’s done, the Chamber of Commerce hopes to educate Caymanians and residents, from students to retirees. The films are also being shown as part of the advertising reels before feature films at Regal Cinemas in Camana Bay.

The films were screened for two audiences at the theater Wednesday night, and the Chamber of Commerce is hoping for positive feedback from viewers over the coming weeks and months.

“I think it went really well,” said Mr. Broadhurst. “For me, it’s a little difficult to tell because I’ve seen them so many times. We’re really happy with the results of the videos and they really turned out excellent. As we were just saying a moment ago, I tried them on my kids and they loved them as well. There’s a lot of people to thank and obviously there was huge support from the sponsors. It’s been great.”

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