As campers hit the beach for the Easter long weekend, the Department of Environmental Health has issued some health sad safety tips.

April 14 and 17 are public holidays.

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  • Be prepared. Always be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Before you leave, check the weather report, learn about security at your camp location, and tell family and friends what your plans are.
  • Be sure to bring along a supply kit that includes a first aid kit, compass, map, flashlight, blankets, and batteries, food, clothes and medications.
  • Know who to contact  to report issues that may come up.
  • When you return home check for ticks, maiden plum, diarrhea and other problems.


Dispose of all trash (diapers included) properly in the proper bins if available. If bins are not available, all trash should be removed and be disposed of at home.

Return the campsite to its original condition for the next camper if you disturb it in any way.

Don’t forget your good recycling habits on vacation. They are just as important camping as they are at home.


Improper garbage disposal and littering are liable to penalties under the Litter Law and the Public Health Law, including a fine of up to $500. Residents should, therefore, avoid such practices. All solid waste products should be properly disposed of.


Human waste should be disposed of in a sanitary manner. Campers should rent a portable toilet or camp at locations with bathroom facilities. Improper disposal of human waste is an offense under the Public Health Law 2002 revision, part III, punishable by fines (up to $1000) and six months’ imprisonment.

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