So, I confess, I have never gone camping in Cayman over Easter. Despite living here since 1975, it is still something on my bucket list.

If you have any doubts as to whether Easter is approaching, you only have to head to A. L. Thompson’s to brush those thoughts aside. The entire main floor is crammed with everything a person needs to set up a professional camp. I have to say, I was surprised at the prices of the tents. I thought they would be hundreds of dollars, but unless you are getting into the material equivalent of a home with multiple rooms, they really are pretty reasonable.

Who knew there were small tents, big tents, sectioned tents and tall tents (your changing room/shower/toilet)? Probably everyone but me. There was a portable picnic table, portable gas cookers, generators. At least half of this stuff would be good to keep around as hurricane supplies.

By the time I had found the extension cords I needed and a few hooks for hanging paintings, I felt myself drawn into the idea of this camping thing. Of course, everything in the store was set up already. How easy it would be to assemble from scratch, I had no idea. I had visions of night closing in as I tried to put stick A into slot B with mosquitoes zooming around my head, which is why one should always have a roll of duct tape. Duct tape will make it fit every time. You should see my car engine.

Those who have made camping on the Easter weekend a family tradition know where all the good sites are, and they plan their strategy early. Camps can be as simple as a few tents gathered in one spot to a grouping of tents, generators, furniture and all the modern conveniences one would expect when glamping (a word that has evolved from the mashup of ‘glamour’ and ‘camping’).

Friends drop by, drinks are shared from coolers and food is cooked on a barbecue, gas stove or other means of heating cuisine in the great outdoors.

Even if you are not setting up a camp yourself, perhaps you can hitch a ride with someone you know who is participating in the fun. It is a good way of introducing yourself to the culture without committing to all the accoutrements.

I am now planning to set up a camp in my backyard this year. If it works out, we enjoy it, and I do not burn the house down, I may venture further afield in 2020. Now I just have to learn how to cook.

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