You know it must be Easter when the colorful encampments of tents begin popping up on the beaches around Grand Cayman.

As early as Wednesday morning, some of the most dedicated Easter campers had already laid claim to the shady spots under the trees that fringe Smith Cove.

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On Governors Beach, Cayman’s new governor, Anwar Choudhury, got his first glimpse of a decades-old Cayman tradition, with scores of holidaymakers setting up camp on the beach close beside his home at Government House.

More campsites are expected to spring up over the next few days as Cayman Islands residents flood the beaches for the four-day public holiday.

Cayman’s campers are famous for refusing to eschew the luxuries of home as they take to the beach with air conditioners, radios, barbecues, kitchen equipment and even televisions in evidence at some sites.

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  1. Too many years have passed where the campers on the beaches leave refuse, food and other trash. It’s time they either picked up their garbage, or stay home, and make their homes garbage wastelands.

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