Twelve gymnasts from the Cayman Islands traveled to Barbados April 28-30 for the 2017 Caribbean Gymnastics Championships. Cayman’s Level 4 girls team won third place in the team competition.

Raegan Rutty, Igor Magalhaes and Kaleb Woolaver were each crowned Caribbean Champions in their respective divisions.

The Motions Unlimited gymnastics team competed at The Providence School in the parish of St. George with gymnasts from Aruba, Barbados, Curacao, Jamaica, St. Vincent and Trinidad. Level 3 girls, Natalie Bodden and Bethany Hawkins, were the first gymnasts to represent Cayman on the Friday. Saturday’s competition featured the boys team of Igor Magalhaes, Karthik Adapa and Kaleb Woolaver, and the Level 4 girls team of Sarah Bush, Emmi Daykin, Meaghan Fowler, Jaiden Gilbert and Maddalena Polloni. Senior gymnast Raegan Rutty later rounded out the competition which concluded that afternoon.

Both events showcased gymnastics through team and individual competition and provided an opportunity for gymnasts, coaches and officials from the Caribbean to network and continue to develop the sport in the region.

Led by Coach Kenzie Brown, Level 3 Natalie Bodden earned silver on the uneven bars, finishing fifth all-around in her division, in a tie with Naadirah Griffith from Barbados. Bethany Hawkins took bronze on vault, finishing only 0.05 points behind teammate Natalie for a sixth-place finish all-around.

The boys, under the guidance of coach Doran Zimmerman, made a solid showing for Cayman. In the final competition before the Island Games in June, Igor Magalhaes fine-tuned his skills, impressing the audience and winning a gold medal on every event and the Championship title all-around for the Level 8 Boys Division, a press release states. Karthik Adapa won silver medals for floor, vault, high bar and all-around for the Level 6 Boys Division, and Kaleb Woolaver won first-place medals in all events and all-around in the Level 5 Division.

Coach Alison Laidler’s Level 4 team earned coveted spots individually on the award podium as well, winning third place behind Jamaica and Barbados and ahead of Curacao. Jaiden Gilbert earned gold on bars, finishing sixth all-around, with Emmi Daykin bringing in bronze on floor and fifth all-around. Maddalena Polloni also earned silver on bars. The “Fab Five” team, including Sarah Bush and Meaghan Fowler, all finished top 10 in their age divisions in the Caribbean Championships.

In the Caribbean Championship, Raegan Rutty, under Head coach Kelley Paz, won gold medals for bars, beam and floor and silver on vault, and the No. 1 spot for the Caribbean Championship and third for the Barbados Invitational.

The gymnasts are preparing for their final local competition of the year on May 20 at Motions Unlimited. In June, National Team gymnasts Morgan Lloyd, Sami Peene and Igor Magalhaes will represent the Cayman Islands at the 2017 NatWest Island Games XVII in Gotland, Sweden, and Raegan Rutty will compete at the Central American Sports Festival in Guatemala, hoping to secure Cayman a spot in the 2018 CAC Games.

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