Mother’s Day was celebrated with lots of enthusiasm and fun in Bodden Town over the long Discovery Day holiday weekend.

Ladies in the district enjoyed hat parades, crab and crawfish boils, beach outings and church services, while others spent quality time bonding with their children at home.

Under the trees at the Bodden Town Harry McCoy Sr. Park, families had lots to keep them entertained. A party hosted by two candidates in the upcoming elections, Stafford Berry and Robert Bodden, offered prizes for the oldest and youngest mothers and the mother with the most children, as well as for best recitals and best dancers. Finger food, music and cool drinks were also available.

Olivine Solomon, 99, was a popular mother at the event. She won prizes for being the oldest mother and for having nine children.

Martha Robinson received a prize for her brim hat made out of silver thatch.

The mothers present were also presented with flowers and other tokens of appreciation. Children impressed their families by telling their mothers why they were special and loved during an “open mic” part of the day.

Robert Bodden and Stafford Berry dance with the ladies.

During the hat parade, some children wore hats decorated with sparkles and butterfly trinkets, which were handmade with the help of family and friends. Mothers sported stylish bonnets and brimmed hats decorated with flowers and trinkets. As judges tried to pick a winner from all the colorful head wear, the ladies and children performed dances to reggae and calypso music to further impress judges.

Also on Mother’s Day, at Coe Wood Public Beach, mothers played dominoes as the men prepared the food. DJ Dac Moore kept the ladies dancing and entertained with music as Craig Saunders cooked up lots of spicy jerk chicken on the grill for everyone to enjoy. A bubbling pot of fish tea kept hot on the coals was also enjoyed.

While this was taking palace, some fathers kept the children entertained by helping them fly kites, search the water for small fish and play ball.

The following day, the Monday Discovery Day holiday, mothers were also enjoying themselves at a crab and crawfish boil hosted by Trilby Lingard at her home.

At the crab boil, the first order of things was to get all ingredients together – the crawfish, the crabs, lots of Cajun and Old Bay seasoning, corn, potatoes, sausages, peppers, onions and lemon wedges.

The ladies did most of the cooking and preparations and the men pitched in to arrange the tables and chairs and make sure the drinks were on ice.

“It was pretty cool to see everyone dive into the feast and start hammering and sucking away at the crab shells. It reminded me just like my young days when it was done by my mother and father,” said Ms. Lingard.

“We had a blast,” said Cecile Collins, searching the garden for fresh blueberries to share with others. Marilyn Nasirun wondered where all the crabs came from as she smashed a huge crab claw on the table to suck out the juicy meat.

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